Ways to earn income from your laptop

When you started your search for ways to make fast money on the internet, how did it work out.  Most will give you nothing for the investment that you have given them.  If you have lost money, lets look at the proper ways to earn online income from your laptop.

None of these methods will be very fast or make a lot of money in a short period of time, they will all make money if you put in the effort. Some will also give you a full time income so you do not have to work outside your home, unless you want to work at the local internet Cafe with your other web friends.


Affiliate marketing


You will need a website, keyword tool and a passion for a niche idea.  The biggest mistake that most make when trying to work an Affiliate website is knowing the niche that you are writing about.  You will need to have several hundred post to make a full time income from this type of website.

Having the proper training and support will help you setup and promote your affiliate website.  You can find more information on what training and support I use, just go to my about me page here.



You can do drop shipping on Ebay, Amazon or a website.  Getting the proper drop shipping company to work with is the hardest part.

The simple explanation on drop shipping is that you promote an item to sell, customer gives you money for item, you purchase item from drop shipper, they ship item to customer.  You keep the difference between the price your customers gives you and the cost of item, shipping and promotion (Ebay fees, PayPal fees, Amazon fess or cost of website).

MLM tier marketing


Money can be made in MLM marketing.  I just do not think it is the best way to make money online.

Simple Explanation is that you purchase a product or program.  You promote this product or program, when someone purchases the product or program from you, you make a profit.  When the person that purchased from you sells your product or program you and the other person make a profit.  The higher up the ladder you are the more you make.

The biggest problem I find with MLM’s is finding people to purchase from you. All the people above you are promoting the same idea, your friends will not want to see you coming if you keep asking them to purchase your idea.

Avon is a simple example of a MLM.  The people that have the party have to share their profits with the person that are above them in the food chain.

Writing for others


If you have good writing skills, you could write for others.  There are several sites that you can join that you can promote your writing skills like Fivver.  Getting paid to write will take time to get your name out there, some people can make a full time income from selling their articles.

Online surveys


This is a tough way to make any money on the web.  Just be careful, there are plenty of sites out there that want a fee to do their surveys, do not do this.  There are plenty of sites that are free.

The biggest problem of survey sites is getting work that will give you a good return for the amount of time that is involved.  Most will only give you pocket change for many hours of work.  Not the best use of your time.

Developing and promoting your own product


If you have an item that you make, wood working or some other craft a website or Ebay could give you a way to make a full time income.  First thing you will need is plenty of your product and be able to write plenty of information to give the buyer a reason to purchase.  The website will take much more time, cost less,  Ebay can give you immediate sales with a lot of fees.

My take on ways to earn online income from your laptop


If you have lost money on your journey online, one of these ideas may help you turn this around.  Most will not have a return right away, depends on your ability.  I have sold on Ebay with drop shipping for a profit for four years.  I have a website that gets funds from affiliate sales almost daily.  I have not tried MLM’s I just do not like the pyramid scheme idea.  I only write for myself at this time, although I have written a few articles for others.  I have looked into the surveys, I just do not think they are worth the effort.

I will be writing from experience some of the things that I have learned.  If you read some of the information on this site you will save yourself a little time and headache.

What method do you use to make money from your laptop, leave me a comment or email.

Thanks for reading my post,