How to get more traffic for your website


If you already have a website and are just looking for ways to make money with it, you will need traffic.  Getting people to see what you have to offer will be more work and take longer than building the website.  In this article we will go over the basic ways on how to get more traffic for your website

This will be an overview on the most popular methods for developing traffic on the web.  Now lets get started.


Mobile friendly website


Something that people need to remember is that more than half of the people surfing the web are on mobile devices.  Having a theme that is mobile friendly will be the first step.  When shopping for your theme make sure that you check with the developer for mobile themes.

When you are looking to develop your email list, do not use pop ups on the mobile side.  Need to use pop ups on desktop version only.

AMP versions of websites are going to be rated higher in Google for mobile websites.  Adding plugins to support this has not been an easy task.  Look at some comments here.

WA keyword toolContent with proper keywords


Building content that is readable, gives a solution to a problem and can be found on the web is the key to making money on any website.

Having a good keyword tool will help your content get seen.  When you get a system for what the numbers are that you are looking for in your keywords, this will help you get your content up in the ranks.

Each time you write something, you will look for keywords that have some traffic, little competition and make sense.  There are several tools like this available for free and some that will cost a monthly fee.  Your choice.

Social imagesSocial networks


Posting on your social networks will get your article out there.  Most social networks have a small life span of a post.  If you do not have a very big following, your post will last a short time and be see by very few people.  There are several programs that will help you get followers, be careful, you need followers that are interested in your content.

Facebook has groups that will help with traffic.  Google has groups also.  Getting a group to follow you will make your audience bigger without as much work.

Traffic exchange networks


Got to watch here as some of the traffic exchanges are not good for your website.  You need to have some that will share your website on the social networks for you.  Normally you have to share others information on your social networks to earn points to have others share your content on there social networks.

This will get your information seen by a bigger group of people with little or no work.

By hand or in person


Another trick is to create business cards and hand out to everyone you see.  Place them in the glasses on the counter at the grocery store or at local collages.

If you do any speaking or at sell at flea markets, lay them out for people to take or put them in the bag when people buy your stuff.

Adds on GooglePay per click


This is the process of paying for somebody to click on your link to one of your post.  You have all seen when you search for something on the web and the top ones have AD by the link.  These people are paying for being on the top of the page.  Spending money here can be very good for your site if you have some content that people are looking for.

Spend your money wisely here as you can dump a lot of money without any ROI to show for it.   Doing the proper research before you start with any PPC program is a must.

My thoughts on how to get more traffic for your website


I have been working websites for over three years, these are the methods that I use for getting people to find me on the web.  How did you find this website, was it from one of these examples.  Let me know some of your methods for getting traffic if I have not covered it here.


Thanks for reading my post,