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John Hunt

John on top of Pikes Peak

Hi, I am John.  I started working on the Web in 2013.  It started as a hobby, trying to get rid of some old junk around the house that did not make yard sale material.  I started selling on E-Bay.  It got so busy I was not able to keep up working a regular job and taking care of family needs.  I started looking for other ways to make a little more money on the web.  I still sell some items to this day, it still makes a little each month.

In 2014 I came across the Wealthy Affiliate Website after many attempts to get something going on my own.  Building my first Website musclepontiacparts was not a big success either.  My problem was that I was thinking there was not a lot of work involved.

Later in 2014 I started a second website with Wealthy Affiliate help outdoorroomideas.com .  This website has made me a little money, not rich, but is paying for itself.

I decided to retire from the company that I was working for in May of 2015,  At that time I just took the summer off from any work, I spent it with my son.  I am back into building another website to help people like me find extra income for their later years.

I will give you tips and information that will help you get traffic for your website, this will translate to income with the proper links.

If you would like any information on how to build a website or seeing how an Affiliate website can make you money, please contact me with the form below or visit me inside WA with this link to my profile page.