Affiliate Marketing for Baby Boomers

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Affiliate Marketing for Baby Boomers


Can you find extra income when using Affiliate Marketing for Baby Boomers?  If you can follow simple instructions and have a passion, you have a good start. Many people who have left the workforce not have the problem of a fixed income and a lot of time on their hands.  Most of the work done in Affiliate Marketing can be done in the comfort of your home if you have an Internet Connection.

Lets look at the steps it takes to get some extra income online and see if it will work for you.

If you already have a good idea of Internet Affiliate Marketing and are just looking for the right place to try it out use the link below to make a free website and play with your own ideas.



What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is having a person read your article and click an appropriate link to a vendor selling the product.  Every time someone clicks a link and makes a purchase you get a percentage of the purchase.  The average click will be about 2-4 percent of the visitors on your site.  Not every person clicking your links will buy.

To develop an income from your site you will have to create a lot of post with information and get your post ranked in Google so people will find it.  The following will be a simple guide to the steps that will be needed to get a Website up and make a profit from it.

Follow your Passion to a Niche Choice

Your choice of Niche will be the most important factor in your success.  If you do not have enough interest in the Niche you will loose interest very quickly.  As the title of this paragraph states Follow your Passion.  What you do not have a Passion for will not hold your interest very long.

Find your favorite hobby or what you did for a living for the past 40-45 years.  You have a wealth of knowledge in some area that others are seeking knowledge.  Use your past to secure your future.

How to make a Website

If you have chosen a Niche, you will need a Website to get your message on the Internet. Making a Website in the past did require you to know how to write code.  I am going to tell you that you can make your own website in less than one minute of your time and start your journey online.

Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to build two free websites with four steps.  It will be a live website that you can make any changes that you want to.

Try entering a Website name and make a free Website in under a minute, it will cost you nothing but your time.

What do you write first

Three pages of information are the first things that you will need.  An About Me page, Privacy Policy page and a Information Page that describes your Website.

About Me page will be why you thing you are an authority in your Niche.

Privacy Policy page is just another form page that you can copy from others with your information.

Information page will be like this page, what is the purpose for your Website.

Research Long-Tailed Keywords

Keyword Tool Free Version

Now that you are looking to write some articles for your Website to get people to look at your links, you will have to develop a way to make them find you.  Long-Tailed Keywords are where the traffic is.  You find your best Keyword tool, Wealthy Affiliate has two (Keyword Tool-Free and Jaaxy-paid with more features).

I will go into what to look for and how to dig for Long-Tailed Keywords in another Article.

First Pages on what your Niche is About

Writing the first few post for your Website will not be easy.  You need to relax and let your fingers just flow and go back adjust later.  Just a few requirements that will make your article read better and rank better are-

Length-Must be at least 300 words, 1000 is a lot better.

Short paragraphs-people loose interest when they have to read too much at one time

Images that are relevant to article-Don’t put your dog pictures on a horse site

Having useful information-give them a solution to what they searched for on the internet

Links-Internal to other relevant articles on your site-External to other sites with relevant information

Call to action-make people do something when reading

Adding Content Post and then Reviews

You should just write articles of information and choices for your visitors.

After you have started getting some information on your Website you should start to write reviews about the Niche items that are available.  Giving your opinion on the item with details and Pros-Cons.  Even if the item is not your favorite you can link to a better item somewhere in the review to the more favorable item on your Website.

Getting Traffic

Traffic is where you will make your money.  Getting quality traffic will take some time and effort, the more you write and post the faster your traffic will come.

Social Networks

Once you have posted an article you will share on your Social Networks to let the world know that you have information for them.


Getting people to comment on your articles is very important.  Google will trust your site more if they see others commenting on your articles.  Wealthy Affiliate has several internal programs for getting quality comments.  If you are a Premium Member you can get all the comments you work for .


Pay per click is not a recommended way to drive traffic to your Website.  You can spend a lot of money for people that are not interested in your Niche visiting and just leaving without reading your valuable information.

Adding Affiliate Networks and Links

After you have developed a regular flow of traffic you will look for Affiliate partners to add links to your site to send people to.  These Affiliate Networks have to make sense for your Niche.  You do not want to have an Affiliate in Golf on a Site with Car parts as a Niche.

Cycle For Customer

Waiting for the Money

You keep writing articles and updating the information on your Website, each Niche and Website will develop at a different speed.  If your Niche in high demand and you are writing an article every day, you may make some sales in a few months.  Do not think that this will be an overnight adventure.


If you think you can do this and want to, use the link below to go to Wealthy Affiliate, my choice in training for making a profitable Affiliate Website.

Thanks for reading my information, John