Getting Started Online


Getting Started online with your laptop


Looking to find real income online.  Tired of the get rich quick schemes that only take your hard earned money.

In this website and post, I will review my thoughts on making money online with a laptop.  I have tried several methods so far and I will separate the ones that work and the ones that waste your time.

Let me guide you to the programs that work.

Ebay jmhonlinedealsE-bay

I have been selling on E-bay for almost 4 years.  So far I have sold $20,000 of goods in my spare time.  Profits from these sales provide a little extra money to support any other online activities that I do, plus any supplies that are needed for conducting an online business.

If you need more information on my path at E-bay send me a note or follow the path to the post when I get it done.

Online Website Store for Dropshipping


I paid a company to help me build a website for dropshipping items.  The website was built and all they wanted was more money every few months to drive traffic for sales.  Nothing ever happened, no traffic, no sales.  Wasted 6 months and a lot of money.  I got made when they wanted another few thousand dollars for the nest big thing online.

I found that having someone else build stuff for you is not good.

Affiliate Website


I have been building and writing on several websites for the last 3 years, not always a success.  I tried to do this on my own and did not make any progress.  My efforts cost me a small fortune and I almost gave up.  I found that I need someplace that would give me the information to get my website seen by someone on the web.

I found Wealthy Affiliate on my search and started my website  Follow the link and see what I have done.  I do make a small amount of income every month from this website.

Now that I make a little form that website, I thought that I could help others to build their own online income so I started  I will share my thoughts and some of the things that will help you along your way.


Take a look at a website that earns money everyday


Outdoor room ideas website

What is keeping you from your dreams


Why have you not started building your dreams online.  If you spend the time you will not have a problem making money online if you follow the training program that I recommend.  Any questions at this point use the comments section below.

If you have been taken by someone like me, or have a website that does not get any traffic you just need to follow these three steps and you will be successful.

Three steps to success


I have been making money online since 2013, since then three things are common with the people that good money online.

1-They own a WordPress website


I told you I sell on E-bay.  The money is hard there, a lot of people selling the same things for little margin.  Having your own website deletes paying someone else for selling something.  Paying someone to build you a website will put you in a deep hole that is hard to dig out of.

How do you build your own website with very little money.   Continue reading and I will show you how.

2-They have someone that helps them when stuck


When something does not work and you cannot figure it out, where do you get help.  Having friends online 24/7 to ask a question and get an answer quickly is very important.

Follow along and I will tell you where to find these people.

3-They keep changing and learning daily


The online industry is ever changing.  How do you keep up.  You cannot just build a website and let it run itself.

  • When you learned how to drive a car, you had someone in the other seat to give you guidance.
  • Peer pressure from your classmates made you try real hard.
  • Now when you get a new car you need someone to tell you how to work things.

This is like a online business, you need to change as the world changes.  New processes start each day.

Where do you get all on the new information at one place.  Keep reading I will let you in on the place I find it.

How to get started without spending more of your money


I am going to show you where you can start for the sign up fee of $0

You are going to get the following, some for a limited time

2 free WordPress Websites that can make you money online

Live Chat 24 hours every day

Able to ask questions  and get answers 24 hours a day from thousands of other online marketers like you

Follow new programs that others are discussing

Training that you can do at your own pace that includes Video Classes, Tutorials, Courses and Entire Classrooms with others to exchange comments or questions.

Start this program for $0 start up fee and no credit card information needed.  Once you see that this program is for you there is a premium program that will give you way more of all of the above.

Look at the graph below and see what the $0 Started Program will get you.  Just use the link to start your free sign up and see the full details.





Have any questions about this program, send me an email.

Thanks for reading and make some money online with your laptop,